I just saw an advanced screening of the movie Bolt with my family. It was awesome. I mean it was really good! I went in expecting it to be pretty funny but it far exceeded my expectations. 

It’s about this dog who is the star of an action packed TV show. He thinks the show is real and that he has super powers. One day, he escapes only to find out that he does not in fact have super powers. While trying to get back to “his human”, he meets a cat whose bite isn’t nearly as bad as her uh… meaw, a hilarious hamster who is the ultimate teammate and encourager, and a plethora of pigeons whose mannerisms are played out perfectly.

There were a lot of cool themes in the movie, like being a hero, and the love between a dog and it’s owner. Overall, though, I think the reason I liked it so much was because it was just so positive. It was a breath of fresh air and a couple of the scenes even made my eyes well up.



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