My Prayer For Their Marriage

beautyMy closest friend’s cousin is getting married today. I’ve never met her. All I really know about her is that she is only 18 years old. Eighteen, that’s only a year older than me. I think about marriage a lot but I can’t even begin to grasp what it would be like to actually start on that journey.

Today, she’ll leave her family and start a new one with the man that God made to be hers. She’ll experience Jesus’s love in a whole new way.

Dear Father,

I humbly ask that these two would be blessed in their marriage. When I say blessed I don’t mean with more money or better health or no arguments. Those things are good sometimes but I don’t think they are what these two need. When I say blessed I mean that You would throw them situations and circumstances that would bring them closer to You. I think that would be a lot better for them and their future than just having it easy. I ask, if it is your will God, that these two people would experience marriage as You intended, loving and serving each other ’till the day they die.


One response to “My Prayer For Their Marriage

  1. Word up on that one. I can’t grasp that either.

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