A True Leader


I just finished watching the SEC Championship game between Florida and Alabama. It was a great game to watch. The best part, for me, was seeing Tim Tebow assert himself. The guy is amazing, both on and off the field. In my opinion, he is the best all-around player in college football. But his play on the field is not what impresses me the most. What impresses me is his leadership.

Tebow is one of the most humble athletes out there, especially considering all the talent he possesses. He puts his teammates before himself and gives them props continually. He is one of the most passionate athletes out there. After throwing the go-ahead touchdown pass, he sprinted over to the kicking unit to motivate and encourage them for the ensuing play. I’ve never ever seen a quarterback do that. It was awesome. He is also one of the hardest working athletes out there. He is devoted to being the best. After losing to Ole Miss, earlier in the season, he said there would be no one in the country who would work harder than him. He has since led his team to an undefeated record, playing some of the most inspired football of anyone ever.

Born to missionary parents in the Philippines, his faith has been the driving force in his life and it shows. You can almost see it oozing out of him. I get goose bumps when I watch him. He leads by example on the field and with passionate encouragement on the sideline. He lives life to the fullest in every aspect. He follows hard after Jesus and because of that others are drawn to follow him. He is a leader.


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