It’s That Time Of The Year Again


Next week are the tryouts for the Spring Musical. This year it’s The Music Man. Everyone is in a tizzy. Everyone wants a big role. Lots of people want the same role. Not everyone is gonna get what they want. But whatever happens, I’m super excited! The biggest reason for my excitement is that the Fall Play (The Princess Bride) went splendidly. It was my first ever theatrical production. I was the Impressive Clergyman. I was so nervous when I went on stage but apparently it didn’t come out that way (I’ve got a sweet poker face). I got some of the biggest laughs of the show.


I’m gonna try out for Tommy Djilas (he’s a pretty big character but does not sing, above picture). Apparently every guy in the school wants the part or so it seems. Whether I get the part or not it’s gonna be an awesome experience. The only thing I would potentially have a problem with is if characters were chosen because of previous experience, senority, or favoritism. The best actors/singers should get the part no matter what grade they are in (I realize size is a factor) or how many plays they’ve been in before or how tight they are with the big whigs. I don’t want to get a good part if I’m not the best person for it. No matter what part I get I am determined to have a great time. I just want the strength and courage to help and encourage everyone that needs it during this play season.


2 responses to “It’s That Time Of The Year Again

  1. Just so it’s clear, I did not mean to question the big man’s decisions in any way. It’s just that some people had already cried foul.

  2. Wow. Hardcore. Good luck to ya old chap!

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