How Should A Follower Of Jesus React To Homosexuality?

The past couple of days I’ve been bombarded with the gay agenda. Firstly, I’ve been seeing trailers for and hearing and reading about Milk, the new film starring Sean Penn as Harvey Milk who was, to the best of my knowledge, the first openly gay man to hold a major political office and was assassinated because of his sexuality.

Second, I saw the Prop 8 Musical on youtube. It stars Jack Black as a Jesus who quotes scripture out of context and John C. Reilly as close-minded, bigot evangelical who is pushing the marriage redefinition bill.

And then earlier today, I was invited to join a group on facebook called “May the Fetus You Save Be Gay”. Attracted by the irony, I checked it out. It bashed Christians pretty hard for being bigoted and close-minded.


After encountering all of this, I have begun to ponder how a follower of Jesus should react to these things. Jesus made it clear that homosexuality is wrong. That’s for sure, but he also made it clear that lying is wrong and that selfishness is wrong and that lust of anything is wrong and yet we do not condemn those things in the same way we condemn homosexuality. All sin is on the same level. According to the bible, all sin is punishable by death. Why do we rank sin if it is all the same to God? It all saddens Him.

I think that instead of pushing our political agenda we should focus on loving and caring for gays (you know the whole love your neighbor/love your enemy thing that Jesus talked about so famously). We spend so much time trying to please a perfect God and yet we do not even trust Him enough to actually do what He says. I think we’re missing oppurtunities that God is placing right in front of us.

I realize there are some generalizations in here. If you have any oppinion on this at all please comment. I love hearing what other people have to say about issues such as this.


One response to “How Should A Follower Of Jesus React To Homosexuality?

  1. I agree whole heartedly with you. 🙂 It is right to live by what you believe…but somehow we forget the most important parts of Jesus’ teachings…It’s all about love in the most sincere sense.

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