What Is Unseen?


I saw this picture and started to think about what is unseen in my life?

What are some things about me that others don’t see? I know there are some things that I keep behind a wall purposefully because I’m scared of what other people will think of me. I wonder how long it will have to be that way? Are there things that I wish people could see in me that they don’t?

What are some things that I don’t see in others? I’m usually really bad at the whole empathy thing. Sometimes I’m really good, it’s weird. But either way, there are just some things in other people that I have a hard time seeing and understanding.

Are there things right in front of my face that I am not seeing? I know that sometimes I am blinded by fear, greed, lust, anger, insecurity and pride. I wonder what I’ve missed while blindfolded by sin?

Dear Father, I don’t want to be blinded anymore. I don’t want to miss anything else!


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