Studying Up

bible-studying-pen-papgerFor a long time, I had wanted to start reading the Bible everyday but I could never actually do it. I couldn’t even pick up the book and read it once. I don’t know why. I always had excuses, something else to do. Now, I read it daily and learn things I never knew about my Savior and His teachings. I also recently got a Greek & Hebrew Biblical Dictionary. It is awesome! It’s really cool to see God’s words in their original language. I love studying Jesus and trying to understand all I can about God. There’s so much I don’t know about the things I claim to believe. I want to really know God. What better way to do that than to read His word.


3 responses to “Studying Up

  1. like your writing

  2. please check out my blog…if you like it tell people…and tell me what you think


    all together on one line of course

  3. I think i’m in the same situation…but it’s so difficult to change that!

    Glad you’re studing the only thing that really matters!

    keep it up

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