2008: The Memories

I can’t believe another year has come and gone. Time floats on while I seem to stay in the same place. I figured I’d do some remembering today and share with you some of my most memorable moments of 2008. (these are in no particular order)

  • Going on thr trip to Guatemala with K-CO and watching my sister Jessi care for a severely mentally challenged girl with amazing affection.
  • Watching the Super Bowl at the Adams
  • Ian Harriman coming to JMPS and immediately providing a little more joy to the whole campus
  • The first season of JMPS ultimate frisbee. We rocked!
  • Doing cross-country for the first time ever and beating are arch rival Kingman in the Championship.
  • Coming back to join football and beating Telesis 54-52.
  • Being in my first theatrical production at school.
  • Welcoming Esther Cannard into our family.
  • Going to K-Colorado and K-Kaua’i in the summer.
  • Getting a trampoline.
  • Getting our dog, Howie.
  • Running for Student Body Vice-President and losing by 5 votes.
  • All the airsoft wars provided by Jon Heckart and his father up north. 
  • Performing the 12 Days of Christmas (with body motions) in front of the whole school with Kyler.
  • Dad taking us to see the Vikings whoop the Cardinals butt and being able to go on the field before the game.
  • Doing track for the first time and loving it.
  • Rocking on the soccer field.
  • Putting our house on the market and boxing a lot of stuff up.
  • The great conversations with Mom.
  • Playing Fantasy Football for the first time and winning my league in the last week coming from behind with a quarterback who only played one series. Thank you Michael Turner.
  • Watching and being inspired by the Beijing Olympics every night until about midnight for two straight weeks, and then talking to Ian about it the next day.
  • Learning how to drive.
  • Failing my Permit test the first time.
  • My brother Dean (who’s in 8th grade) playing on the High School basketball team and scoring on a ridiculous layup right down the center off the lane against Desert Hills.
  • Starting this blog.
  • Hanging with guys at Buffalo Wild Wings.
  • Walking 20 miles (in my Packerflops) with Kyler, Seth, and Matt to raise money for Invisible Children.
  • Hanging with Uncle Mitch.
  • Walikng with Jesus.

There were so many other memorable moments but I have to stop at some point. 2008 was a great year and I am very hopeful for the next one!


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