My Favorite Author








Ted Dekker is without a doubt my favorite author. He has an incredible gift for telling stories. He expounds through several different genres (thriller, action/adventure, horror, romance, fantasy, futuristic, drama, mystery, and more). And he does it all while centering on the  great Light which is Jesus.

The way he portrays love is breathtaking. The way he shows innocence is inspiring. The way he writes insecurity is real. The way he depicts trust and faith is flat out awesome. His showdowns between good and evil are epic. And his characters are so relatable.

I started reading Blessed Child, one of his earlier books, a couple of days ago and it is quickly becoming one of my favorites. It’s about a boy named Caleb who is raised in isolation by a faithful priest in an Ethiopian monastery until the age of ten. When it is finally time for him to leave his safe-haven, he flees to Los Angeles from a rebel army with a Peace Corp worker and a Red Cross nurse. The boy performs miracles that no one can explain. He is innocent beyond human reason. Dekker and co-author Bill Bright seem to be fleshing out what Jesus said about His disciples and the Kingdom of Heaven in John 14 and Matthew 18.

I look forward to finishing the book and reading all the other ones that I haven’t read yet. They flesh out the words of Jesus in a really unique way.


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