2009 (The Year Of Our Lord)

happyIt is now the new year. Resolutions will be made. Goals will be set. Hope will abound. Happiness will be sought. Sadly though much of the newfound optimism will be gone in a months time.

The beginning of a new year is for a lot of people a chance to start over and be better. “I’m gonna be a better father this year”, “I’m gonna lose a lot of weight this year”, “I’m gonna get a better job”, “I’m gonna read the bible and pray everday”. It’s great that people want to better themselves but what’s the point if it doesn’t last.

Even as followers of Jesus we tend to have our own goals, our own plan. We rely on our own strength to fulfill our own desires. I know i do. It doesn’t work for me, maybe you’re different. I frequently catch myself saying I won’t do something again and then go and do it and then say I won’t do it again. It’s a constant cycle of me relying on me to fulfill my… and failing.

This year is the Lord’s. It’s not mine. It’s not for my plan. It’s for His. I want to be a part of what God will do in the year 2009. I surrender myself to Him. I have faith that miracles will happen. If there’s one thing that I wish could happen this year it is this. If it is your will God, I want to be like a child again. I want to see you in a way that only a innocent child can. This is You’re year God. Do with it what you will.


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