Deciding To Sin (Foregiveness So Great I Can’t Understand)

I have realized that lots of times when I miss the mark it’s not just an accident, it’s a conscience decision. I know the way of God. I know where I should be following Jesus. But instead, I take a totally different path. One that is sometimes perverse and disgusting and filled with darkness. Sometimes, all I can think about is me. I’m so selfish. I try to drown out what I’m clearly hearing from Jesus and what I know deep down to be true. It’s like I’m in open rebellion against God. It’s sickening and it makes my Father in Heaven cry. During those times of disobedience, It’s like I’m under a spell where the devil has me convinced that the things of this world are greater than the Way, the Truth, and the Life and it’s a downright lie. I know firsthand that it’s a lie. I’ve experienced God’s love and it is the greatest feeling, far better than anything given to me from this world. At times, I think to myself “How could He forgive me for the things I’ve done to Him?”. I still don’t understand it. God is so full of grace and love and mercy and forgiveness for His children. I can’t comprehend it. He should be ashamed of me and yet he loves me far more than I could ever dream. Unashamed Love! I don’t understand it. I couldn’t live without it.



2 responses to “Deciding To Sin (Foregiveness So Great I Can’t Understand)

  1. This is beautiful, so honest and true. I feel the same when I am tempted to do something I know would bring evil. How great is God to forgive our sins and forget them instantly!. We should do the same, forget and immediately turn to do everything in HIS Glory!.

    – 0riana

  2. I appreciate your honesty! Recently my husband along with the men at our church have been going through a book on this subject called Holiness by Grace by Bryan Chapell. The ch. they’re going through this week is on “Constrained by the Law of Freedom.” My husband shared with me some of the insights from the book and I found them so encouraging.
    Keep the faith, brother!

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