The last couple of days have been kind of weird. I’ve been studying, researching, reading, talking, discussing, praying, searching, second-guessing, re-doing, all in a search to find truth. It’s really been amazing. It’s all through the bible. I have gone about it the right way and the wrong way. I apologize to my pals who I’ve let down with my thinking. And I’m glad they keep me accountable. While I know certain truths that are essential to knowing God. A lot of other things are, at this point in time, not so obvious to me. I want to learn the truth about those things. I realize that I come into this discussion with a certain bias, because I have thought a certain way for a long time. But I don’t want to come into the conversation trying to prove what I believe. I often times bring up scripture that is potentially confrontational so that we can question what is true (and hopefully find out), not because I necessarily believe a certain way. I’m not trying to prove something else wrong. I’m just throwing other elements into the picture. I realize I have many shortcomings in these discussions. I may not realize them at the time but I am sorry for them. I just want to know the truth! The reason I care about this stuff so much is because Jesus saved me. He’s the greatest and I want to walk with Him and know Him. I’m definitely gonna keep reading the words He spoke.


3 responses to “Searching

  1. As long as you believe you CAN know him. That emergent church book I’ve been reading is very good, and explains a lot about not only the emergent church but other things. You should read it when I’m finished. Anyway I think we need to actually organize this bible study thing

  2. Hi, I’m commenting about the picture at the top of this post. I am in 8th grade at the Humanities and Communications magnet at Eastern Middle School, in the D.C. area. My partner and I would like to use this picture if you would allow us, for purely educational purposes only. Thank you, and I appreciate your time. (This is very time sensitive, so I would be grateful if you could get back to me soon.) -Anna Hill

  3. no problem!

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