DC*B Concert


Last night, I went to the David Crowder*Band concert at North Phoenix Baptist Church. My friend had an extra ticket and I was all over it (nothing like a free concert right?). He, I, his older sister, her boyfriend, and his roommate all stuffed into a truck and headed to the church. It was a memorable ride, mostly because of the roommate and a longer-than-expected stop at Michael’s.

Once at the church, we immediately began noticing all the different stereotypes that are present at Christian concerts. We saw the “hip-young-Christians” wearing cool novelty T’s with bible verses and phrases. Also, the “hip-not-so-young-Christians” in their 40’s and wearing the same shirts. We noticed the “obviously-home-schooled-family” who had about 7 kids under the age of 10, all looking like they’ll be rocket scientists before they get to college (I used to be home-schooled so I always get a kick out of the O.H.S. family sightings). There were the “dads-who-work-at-Microsoft” strewn throughout the sanctuary. We even saw (and heard) some “Thank-You-Jesus-Brotha’s-and-Sista’s”. We saw the “I-express-my-worship-through-rhythmic-dancing-in-the-middle-of-the-isle-lady”. Not gonna lie, she was a little distracting but I do respect people like that who can worship so openly without fear of judgement. 

I expressed to my friend that I thought it was cool that all these different types of people would be drawn to the same concert. I love the diversity that God attracts.

The acts themselves were all very good. It was cool because I got something different out of each musician, of which there were 4. The first was singer-songwriter type of guy named Nate Huston, I believe. He reminded me of one of the Jonas Brothers. He talked and sang about praising God in the hard times as Job did, very cool. Next was Shawn McDonald, one of my favorite artists. He sang a song about being captivated by God’s beauty through nature. He also played the trumpet with his mouth (no actual trumpet, just his vocals), which was very amusing and, surprisingly, good. After him, was the Robbie Seay Band. What will stick with me from them is when they sang about the call to give yourself and your love away and how, if you do that, you won’t be safe (from ridicule and embarrassment, but Jesus will still be there). Last out, was the David Crowder*Band. They almost blew the roof off the building. It was a great time of praise through music. They are extremely talented and it’s fun to be a part of what God does through them. I’m definitely glad I missed the Cardinal game for it. A great night!


One response to “DC*B Concert

  1. hannah Scarborough

    any game is worth missing for anything like that and im more than positive that the game would be nowhere as near as fun as that concert

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