A Day To Remember


Well… like it or not Mr. Obama is now President Obama. Like it or not change will come. I, for one, am extremely excited. I don’t necessarily agree with his viewpoints on “hot-button issues” but that is not the point. Today was not about Republican vs. Democrat or Conservative vs. Liberal or “Christians” vs. “Others”. It was about Hope. It was about coming together.

It’s great that we have a black President. It says something about our nation. We’ve come so far from where we used to be. It’s another chapter in our history. I love it but I can’t wait for the day when it won’t matter that our President is black. Won’t it be cool when we as a nation vote a man into the Oval Office and he just happens to be black. I think it would be great. I don’t want to downplay today’s significance in regards to race or the suffering that has occured because of it, it’s just that it gets old for me. I don’t care if someone is white or black or yellow or brown or red or blue for that matter. It means nothing to me. I hate the stereotypes. They bug me because they are handicaps. I understand that race forms a certain identity. I just wish it didn’t have to be that way. We are all created in God’s own image and that is the greatest, most assuring  identity I could ever imagine.

I am happy for President Obama. I will do what I can to support and encourage him as he leads our country through turbulant times. I will pray for him, not because I think my country is going down the toilet because he will be leading it but because he has huge responsibilities that will be overwhelming at times. I will pray for him because he will need God’s hand to guide him. If he is to give lasting hope to this nation he will need to experience the unimaginable hope only found in Jesus.

This post was a little bit of a ramble. Sorry about that, oh well. Here is the video of Pastor Rick Warren’s prayer this morning. It’s really cool. That’s a horrible, ridiculously generic way of decribing it. It was anything but generic, in my oppinion. Breathtaking would be better. Father, My thoughts echo those of Dr. Warren’s.


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