A Couple School Projects

I have a couple of long term school assignments in the works. Actually I just figured out what I’m gonna do them on. The first is a presentation in Art History. I am gonna do mine on Banksy, the notoriously anonymous British graffiti stencil artist. He interests me a great deal because of the mystery surrounding him and and his provocative artistic themes. Google Banksy to find out more.


This Banksy piece appears in the West Bank near Bethlehem.

The other project I am doing is a WWII research paper in History. I have chosen to write about the Cabanatuan prison camp in the Philippines. It was the destination for many of the Bataan death marchers. An almost flawless rescue mission was performed by U.S. Army Rangers. It’s a great story of courage, strength, and brotherhood.


I will get most of my information from this book. I've read it once before and it is quite astounding.


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