Pondering Community

I just read a quote from wise man. He says “Technology brings us closer together so we can be further apart.” How true is that. I sit at my computer and talk to people all around the globe. All the while, ignoring my little brother who just asked me to play on the trampoline with him. I frequent Facebook, Twitter, and numerous blogs everyday. It makes me feel connected.

There are definitely good things about internet community. It’s great to be able to communicate with people that I can’t see. But I need to do it in moderation. I long for more face-to-face/real/intimate/strong community.

I think I’m gonna only go on the internet every other week. It’ll kind of be like my music fast. I don’t know when I’ll get on here again. it could be awhile. So if your reading this… STOP. Get off your computer or iPhone or whatever. Go talk to someone you can touch. Get some people together and play… yes play. Look someone in the eyes and share something. Go be with other humans. Get off the computer. Be intimate. Be real. Be open. Be friendly. Just go hang with some friends.

See you later. I’m gonna go jump on the trampoline with my brothers. Then I’m gonna go to my friend’s house and watch the Super Bowl (what a great oppurtunity for fellowship that’ll be). I don’t know when I’ll be back.


One response to “Pondering Community

  1. I think you are wise beyond your years nephew! Face to face contact is something we ALL should value.

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