Hopeless In The Midst Of All The World’s Riches

Here is Kanye West’s new video Welcome to Heartbreak. I saw this on Andy Braner’s blog and I’ve listened to it about 20 times since. It has a hold on my thoughts and it is not letting go. Musically, it’s a compelling song but lyrically it’s heartbreaking. This guy is on top of the world. He has everything the world has to offer. And yet, something is missing. I’m pretty sure I know what it is. I’m also pretty sure I know exactly how he feels. I still catch myself sifting through the things of this world in search of happiness. But it never seems to satisfy no matter how hard I try. Then, when I’m lying on ground hopeless, God picks me up into His arms again and I feel the warmth of His love.

Watch the video. Tell me what you think.  

Thank you God for holding me. I hope You reveal Yourself to Mr. West just as You have to me. I think he’s in need of Your love.


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