The Music Man: I Can’t Believe It’s Over

Last night was the last performance of The Music Man at James Madison Preparatory School. It was such an awesome experience. It was my first musical so now that it’s over I don’t know what to do. It’s such a weird feeling. I devoted two months of my life to the production and now all that’s left is a memory. It’s over. I feel the same now as I do every year after leaving K-Colorado or returning home from a different country or even after moving from one state to another. Another chapter in my life has been written. 

The play itself went great. Opening Night, the adrenaline was pumping but I had a sense of calm. It was kind of weird. It didn’t feel that much different than a rehearsal. I think it was because we did a full run through that day. The second night, we had the weirdest crowd ever. They were half-asleep throughout the first act but the second act they went nuts. That night, we did the Shipoopi dance perfectly. Last night, we had the best crowd ever. They loved everything. Rock Island went down perfectly and kicked off another great night. We ended the run on a surreal high.

Originally, I tried out for the part of Tommy Djilas, the main teenage boy in the show. I didn’t get it. At the time I was upset but now I couldn’t be more grateful. The roles I received were amazing. I was Salesman #1 in the Rock Island train scene. I also got small singing solos in Iowa Stubborn and Wells Fargo Wagon. I was in all the dances. I got to mess around with Constable Locke and get in a scuffle with the school board. I also had a fun line in the Finale scene. I absolutely loved all the roles I had and would not have traded them for anything. 

I can’t wait for next years musical. I really hope it doesn’t interfere with the K-CO mission trip like it has in past years. I thoroughly enjoy performing on stage. A little over a year ago, I couldn’t even get up in front of my drama class to perform a tiny monologue. Now, I am able to be in front of hundreds of people I don’t know and sing and dance and deliver lines with no fear at all. Thank you so much Father for giving me that strength.


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