Sitting On The Edge

I spent the last couple of days at a cleverly named Advance (instead of Retreat, it took me way too long to get that) at a friend’s church. It was really an amazing time filled to the brim with new and renewed ponderings. It was one of the most thought-provoking weekends in my life. That is mainly due to the speakers, Kevin and Karen Shock. They are two of the most genuine people I’ve ever met. They are following hard after Jesus and during their time of teaching God spoke through them in some crucial ways. At the end of their teaching, Mr. Shock asked that if they had erred in any way in their teaching us that God would work through that and reveal the truth to us. That was really cool. I’ve never heard anyone say that.

Though the teaching was provoking and inspired, the moment that will stick with me the closest was sitting on the edge of Usery Mountain. We hiked the mountain Monday mid-morning. Once we arrived at the top, I was blown away by my Father’s amazing creation. It absolutely blows me away the things He does. One of the guys said how he looked out and saw all the man-made structures mapping the landscape and how it took years to build just one of the buildings. Then he talked about how it only took God a split second and He created something unrivaled in beauty and creativity and scale. How awesome is that to think about.

I sat on the edge of the cliff with my feet dangling over the side and looked over the valley. I felt so small. I was shaking because I was so scared. I didn’t move though because it was one of the greatest feelings I’ve ever experienced. I could almost feel my Father’s arms around me as I peered over the edge. I’ll never forget it. I felt like God could have pushed me off or just let me fall and in a very strange way that was fine with me. It’s not like I was ready to die or anything I just felt comfort in the arms of my Father and I was fine with whatever He had in store for me. It is a wonderful feeling being in the arms of the Creator.

This is the view I had from my perch.

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