I found this saved in my documents from about a week or so ago.


Quite often, I hear about how the world is becoming smaller. While that statement does have some merit, what with the advancements in technology and all, it does not describe, accurately, how I see the world. The world I am experiencing seems bigger everyday I look at it. The world I see is no longer just America. It is no longer black and white. I am a part of a global community; a community of neighbors, some of who are hurting… hurting badly!

The suffering of others across the globe has popped the bubble of comfort that I live in. My heartstrings have been yanked at by the screams of the oppressed children in Africa. The whisper for hope echoing out of the Middle-East is lodged in my ear. My mind is overwhelmed with the fact that there are 150 million orphans in the world and that at least 20 thousand kids die everyday because of poverty and malnutrition and other stupid things that could be prevented if people actually cared enough to do something.

These thoughts have consumed me for about a week, so much so that I could not concentrate on my schoolwork at all. All I could think was if all this crap is happening in the world, why am I sitting in these classes doing nothing about it?

Why? Why? Why? It is such a great question. There is another great question to be asked. What? What am I going to do about it?


One response to “Why?What?

  1. Hi friend,

    i like your blog, as i can see your passion and faith for Jesus.
    And also you have a compassionate heart for people who r hurting and in need of help..God bless you..cheers =D

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