Tears & Faith

One year ago, on this day, tragedy struck the family. They were just playing around in the front yard, having a good time… and then the teenage son backed out of the driveway. While doing so, he ran over and killed his little sister. She was gone from this world. Dead.

It is very hard for me to even think about what happened without tearing up. I’m not even good friends with this family. I’ve only briefly met one of them and yet this is a story that cuts me deep.

I try to put myself in the shoes of the son. Maybe just going to hang out with my friends and then my whole life changes. My sister is gone and even though I did not try to kill her, by God’s will I did. Total freak accident. Why would God let me do that? Why did he not make me look in my mirrors before I backed out? Why did he let her go behind the car? He did not have to let this happen? Why?

Those were my thoughts when it happened. But what was originally perceived as tragedy has been turned into one of the greatest stories ever told. Since the accident, the Chapmans have used their unique platform as a voice of faith and trust . They have been formed by the potter’s hands, broken down and built back up. I am so very sorry for their loss and so very envious of their relationship with our Heavenly Father. They were put into a position where they were forced to rely on God for everything and their willingness to trust Him is a testimony to all.

The words I have written do not adequately describe all the fealings that I have for this story of life and death. Here is a short statement, a song, and an interview that kind of bring it all into perspective.

As we mark May 21st, and the 1st anniversary of Maria Chapman leaving us for heaven we remain certain… maybe more sure than ever… that God is faithful, and the Gospel is true. – the Chapman’s


One response to “Tears & Faith

  1. Oh my, what a story. I was deeply hurt when I read this, it just reminds me how small we really are compared to God.

    God Bless,


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