Esther is gone… but still family

This morning, we took Esther to the airport so that she could fly back to France to see her family. She lived with us for the school year as an exchange student but quickly became family. It was so great to have her around. She added so much energy to our already pretty hyper family.

During the first week of school, we, the students, were notified that the French foreign exchange student was having issues with her exchange program and that she was going to have to go to North Carolina or something if another family didn’t take her in. I asked my teacher if I could step outside and call my parents to see if they wanted another daughter for the year. I made the call. My parents talked it over. And Esther came to live with us.

We made so many memories with Esther. I really do think of her as an older sister, not an exchange student. She’s part of the family. But now she is going back to her other family. I hope they hug her when they see her.

Esther, if you ever read this, I love you sister. Thanks so much fo coming to America for a year and living with us!!! I hope we can come and visit you in France some time. ‘Till then.






IMG_1895 (2)





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