The Power of Preparation

Next Wednesday, I leave for Morocco with my Dad and some of my closest friends. It’s gonna be a great experience no matter what happens. Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to prepare and plan for it. I haven’t started getting things together or anything like that but I have been praying and reading and hanging out with the guys I’m going with. 

Usually, when I go on a trip like this, I just go. I don’t really prepare myself that much, I just jump in. Now part of that is because I usually go with a lot people that either live far away or that I don’t know. Another part of it, though, is that I usually don’t function that way. I just go into things and see what happens.

This trip is different though. We’ve already had a couple of meetings to discuss the trip. We’ve prayed together and spent a lot of time together focusing on the trip. It’s been really cool. I really do think it’s a good idea to go to God and ask Him to prepare the way. Ask Him to give people dreams and to open their hears for what is to come. I really do think it makes a difference.

We have another meeting tonight and I hope that it proves to be fruitful!


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