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The Day HOPE Was Given To The World


Today, we celebrate the day that Hope was given to the world. The Creator of the universe, the Alpha and the Omega, the Great I Am, gave us his only son so that he could save us and lead us and be with us. How amazing is that!!!

I got a lot of cool presents from my family this morning, but they pale in comparison to the one I was given about two thousand years ago by my Heavenly Father. Thank You so much for the gift of Your son!!!

He provides comfort when I am afraid.

He is a lamp when I am lost in the darkness.

He satisfies me when nothing else can.

He  gives me Compassion.

He makes me Brave.

He presents me with Joy.

He consumes me with Love.

And He is the reason I have Hope.


A Great Christmas Present

Have Hope, Be Brave

Let’s Do This Thing

Here’s a video I kept seeing on some of my friends blogs. I finally watched it today and it’s awesome, such a cool concept to think about and hopefully act on.

How cool is that?

I don’t think Jesus likes it when we celebrate His birth by spending billions of dollars on presents that won’t last. My guess is that He wants us to focus on things that do last. Pretty simple concept but I lose sight of it all the time. So this Christmas, instead of giving meaningless presents, let’s give ourselfs. Let’s go out into the community like Jesus and help people. Let’s stop going through the motions and let’s make this Christmas mean something.

Let’s go do this thing!

…but why wait ’till Christmas?