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Wedding Dance Entrance

This is quite hilarious. Ideas are churning!


The Bride and the Bridegroom

I’ve been thinking about marriage a lot recently. It’s just one of those big, bizarre things in life that gets my mind spinning. I’ll warn you right now. There will probably be no logical order to this post (maybe a little but not much), just a bunch of random thoughts.


Marriage is so cool! A man leaves his own family and begins a new one with the woman he’s chosen to love for the rest of his life. They become one. What a weird but great concept. They are so close to one another. They can tell each other everything and not worry about coming off foolish or lame. They devote themselves to each other. Eveything they do is a gift to the other. They are best friends, passionate lovers, and soulmates.

It’s not always like that though. In fact, it’s probably not like that more often than it is. It really sucks when marriage is done wrong. Either the people don’t know what they’re getting into or Jesus is not at the center of the relationship. How can you expect marriage to work out if Jesus is not at the very center of it. Marriage is a representation of His relationship with us, His followers. Jesus gave up his life for the church so that it could be holy, pure, and unblemished in His sight. Husbands should do the same thing for their wives. Give themselves fully so that their wives can be holy, pure, and unblemished, the most special thing in his eyes.

Like any relationship, a good marriage will still have ups and downs, for sure. But that doesn’t mean any of the other stuff just flies out the window. It still applies and as long as Jesus is the focus the marriage will probably come out stronger than before.

Phil Wickham has a song called Divine Romance. It’s a great song about our love with God. It’s completely weird to think about at first but as a follower of Jesus I’m the bride and he’s the bridegroom. He gave his life so that I could be holy, and blameless, and awesome in His eyes. When the bride goes to be with the bridegroom, there is a wedding feast. I absolutely cannot wait to go to heaven and see Jesus and be with Him. I’m in love with Jesus and I just want to be around Him. When I first started thinking about all this, I couldn’t get over the whole male/female thing. But once I was able to pull back that curtain, I was able to see yet another part of the Almighty Creator. It’s really quite hard to explain in words.

I really look forward to marriage. The other day my Dad asked if I was in the B.U.T.R. club (Bachelor Until The Rapture) because I didn’t have a girlfriend. I said no way. I very much am in anticipation for the relationship that is marriage. But that doesn’t mean I’ll get married at an early age. I love the freedom that can be exhibited through singleness. I love to go to cool places and do crazy things and not have a job. When God shows me that it’s time, I’ll embrace it. Until then, I’ll embrace the life I have.

Whenever I see people getting married, I think about what it would be like. I’m so glad I’m only 17 and don’t really have to worry about it (not that anyone should worry about it) because it’s so bizarre. The thought of completely giving myself to another, while not far away because of the presence of Jesus, is daunting and frankly kind of scary. But it is good.

I know lots of people who are doing marriage right and I am so thankful for their modeling. Thanks Mom and Dad especially. Love ya’ll!!!

My Prayer For Their Marriage

beautyMy closest friend’s cousin is getting married today. I’ve never met her. All I really know about her is that she is only 18 years old. Eighteen, that’s only a year older than me. I think about marriage a lot but I can’t even begin to grasp what it would be like to actually start on that journey.

Today, she’ll leave her family and start a new one with the man that God made to be hers. She’ll experience Jesus’s love in a whole new way.

Dear Father,

I humbly ask that these two would be blessed in their marriage. When I say blessed I don’t mean with more money or better health or no arguments. Those things are good sometimes but I don’t think they are what these two need. When I say blessed I mean that You would throw them situations and circumstances that would bring them closer to You. I think that would be a lot better for them and their future than just having it easy. I ask, if it is your will God, that these two people would experience marriage as You intended, loving and serving each other ’till the day they die.